13.8 Conventions for Writing Definitions

A manual need not and should not contain more than one definition for a given name. An appendix containing a summary should use @table rather than the definition commands.

When you write a definition using @deffn, @defun, or one of the other definition commands, please take care to use arguments that indicate the meaning, as with the count argument to the forward-word function. Also, if the name of an argument contains the name of a type, such as integer, take care that the argument actually is of that type.

Fonts. As Texinfo is a semantic language, you should nearly never need to specify font styles with explicit font commands in definitions (see Fonts for Printing). However, you may be need to work around problems for particular output formats and/or constructs. Here are some possibilities:

Some degree of trial and error may be needed to get the result you want. As ever, how nested font commands combine depends on the output format, so should be avoided where possible.

Hopefully, such usages are kept to a minimum. One possibility is to wrap these in @macro (see Defining New Texinfo Commands), allowing these usages to be easily changed in the future.