21 Generating HTML

texi2any generates Info output by default, but given the --html option, it will generate HTML, for web browsers and other programs. This chapter gives some details on such HTML output.

texi2any has many user-definable customization variables with which you can influence the HTML output. See Customization Variables. In particular, there is support for syntax highlighting in @example (see Code Examples Syntax Highlighting in HTML). You can also write so-called initialization files, or init files for short, to modify almost every aspect of HTML output formatting. Initialization files contain code and are loaded by --init-file (see Invoking texi2any from a Shell).

Some initialization files are maintained with Texinfo and installed in the default case. For example, chm.pm produces the intermediate compressed HTML Help format files that can be subsequently converted to the CHM format.

The documentation of texi2any HTML output adaptation using customization files is in a separate manual. See GNU Texinfo texi2any Output Customization.