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F.2.4 Info Format: Cross Reference

A general cross reference in Info format is written as follows:

    <cross-reference> =
* (N|n)ote (<id>:: | <label>:(<lparen><infofile><rparen>)?<id>(.|,))

Whether ‘note’ or ‘Note’ is used is not significant.

The ‘<id>::’ form indicates a node or anchor reference within the current manual.

The longer form indicates a general reference, typically used to refer to a node or anchor in a different manual, but possibly to the current manual. The <label> is descriptive text; the optional ‘(<infofile>)’ is the filename of the manual being referenced, and the <id> is the node or anchor within that manual, terminated by a comma or period. That final punctuation is part of the surrounding sentence, and should be displayed.

Here are some examples:

*note GNU Free Documentation License::
*note Tag table: Info Format Tag Table, for details.
*Note Overview: (make)Top.

The first shows the short form, a reference to a node in the current manual.

The second also refers to a node in the current manual, namely ‘Info Format Tag Table’; the ‘Tag table’ before the ‘:’ is only a label on this particular reference.

The third example refers to the node ‘Top’ in another manual, namely ‘make’, with ‘Overview’ being the label for this cross reference.

See Cross References.