F.8 Info Format: Image

The @image command results in the following special directive within the Info file (see Inserting Images):

    <image> =
^@^H[image src="<image file>"
            (text="<txt file contents>")?
            (alt="<alt text>")?

The line breaks and indentation in this description are editorial; the whitespace between the different parts of the directive in Info files is arbitrary.

In the strings <image file>, <txt file contents> and <alt text>, ‘"’ is quoted as ‘\"’ and ‘\’ is quoted as ‘\\’. The txt and alt specifications are optional.

The alt value serves the same purpose as in HTML: A prose description of the image. In text-only displays or speech systems, for example, the alt value may be used instead of displaying the (typically graphical) <image file>.

The <txt file contents>, if present, should be taken as an ASCII representation of the image, for possible use on a text-only display.

The format does not prescribe the choice between displaying the <image file>, the <alt text> or the <txt file contents>.