20.1.2 Listing a New Info File

To add a new Info file to your system, you must write a menu entry to add to the menu in the dir file in the info directory. For example, if you were adding documentation for GDB, you would write the following new entry:

* GDB: (gdb).           The source-level C debugger.

The first part of the menu entry is the menu entry name, followed by a colon. The second part is the name of the Info file, in parentheses, followed by a period. The third part is the description.

The name of an Info file often has a .info extension. Thus, the Info file for GDB might be called either gdb or gdb.info. The Info reader programs automatically try the file name both with and without .info10; so it is better to avoid clutter and not to write ‘.info’ explicitly in the menu entry. For example, the GDB menu entry should use just ‘gdb’ for the file name, not ‘gdb.info’.



On MS-DOS/MS-Windows systems, Info will try the .inf extension as well.