10.5 Printing Indices and Menus

@printindex takes one argument, a two-letter index abbreviation. You must include the @printindex command at the place in the document where you want the index to appear. This does not happen automatically just because you use @cindex or other index-entry generating commands in the Texinfo file; those just cause the raw data for the index to be accumulated.

You should precede the @printindex command with a suitable section or chapter command (usually @appendix or @unnumbered) to supply the chapter heading and put the index into the table of contents. Precede the chapter heading with an @node line as usual.

For example:

@node Variable Index
@unnumbered Variable Index

@printindex vr

@node Concept Index
@unnumbered Concept Index

@printindex cp

The text ‘Index’ needs to appear in the name of the node containing the index for the index to be found by Info readers.

If you have more than one index, we recommend placing the concept index last.

Other details of index output in output formats: