6.2.2 @sc{text}: The Small Caps Font

Use the ‘@sc’ command to set text in A SMALL CAPS FONT (where possible). Write the text you want to be in small caps between braces in lowercase, like this:

Richard @sc{Stallman} a commencé le projet GNU.

This produces:

Richard STALLMAN a commencé le projet GNU.

As shown here, we recommend reserving @sc for special cases where you want typographic small caps; family names are one such, especially in languages other than English, though there are no hard-and-fast rules about such things.

TeX typesets any uppercase letters between the braces of an @sc command in full-size capitals; only lowercase letters are printed in the small caps font. In the Info output, the argument to @sc is printed in all uppercase. In HTML, the argument is uppercased and the output marked with the <small> tag to reduce the font size, since HTML cannot easily represent true small caps. In LaTeX, a command setting small caps fonts is output.

Overall, we recommend using standard upper- and lowercase letters wherever possible.