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2.5.2 Start of Header

A start-of-header line is a Texinfo comment that looks like this:

@c %**start of header

Write the start-of-header line on the second line of a Texinfo file. Follow the start-of-header line with an @settitle line and, optionally, with other commands that globally affect the document formatting, such as @synindex or @footnotestyle; and then by an end-of-header line (see End of Header).

The start- and end-of-header lines allow you to format only part of a Texinfo file for Info or printing. See The texinfo-format… Commands.

The odd string of characters, ‘%**’, is to ensure that no other comment is accidentally taken for a start-of-header line. You can change it if you wish by setting the tex-start-of-header and/or tex-end-of-header Emacs variables. See Formatting and Printing in Texinfo Mode.