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5.2 Structuring Command Types

The chapter structuring commands fall into four groups or series, each of which contains structuring commands corresponding to the hierarchical levels of chapters, sections, subsections, and subsubsections.

The four groups of commands are the @chapter series, the @unnumbered series, the @appendix series, and the @heading series. Each command produces a title with a different appearance in the body of the document. Some of the commands list their titles in the tables of contents, while others do not. Here are the details:

When a @setchapternewpage command says to do so, the @chapter, @unnumbered, and @appendix commands start new pages in the printed manual; the @heading commands do not. See @setchapternewpage.

Here is a summary:

No new page
In contentsIn contentsIn contentsNot in contents

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