13.6.4 Variables in Typed Languages

Variables in typed languages are handled in a manner similar to functions in typed languages. See Functions in Typed Languages. The general definition command @deftypevr corresponds to @deftypefn and the specialized definition command @deftypevar corresponds to @deftypefun.

@deftypevr category data-type name

The @deftypevr command is the general definition command for something like a variable in a typed language—an entity that records a value. You must choose a term to describe the category of the entity being defined; for example, “Variable” could be used if the entity is a variable.

The @deftypevr command is written at the beginning of a line and is followed on the same line by the category of the entity being described, the data type, and the name of this particular entity.

For example:

@deftypevr {Global Flag} int enable
@end deftypevr

produces the following:

Global Flag: int enable

@deftypevar data-type name

The @deftypevar command is the specialized definition command for variables in typed languages. @deftypevar is equivalent to ‘@deftypevr Variable …’.

These commands create entries in the index of variables.