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11.8.6 @euro (€): Euro Currency Symbol

Use the @euro{} command to generate ‘€’. Where possible, this is the symbol for the Euro currency. Otherwise, the word ‘Euro’ is used.

Texinfo cannot magically synthesize support for the Euro symbol where the underlying system (fonts, software, whatever) does not support it. Therefore, you may find it preferable to use the word “Euro”. (In banking contexts, the abbreviation for the Euro is EUR.)

In order to get the Euro symbol in encoded Info output, for example, it is necessary to specify @documentencoding ISO-8859-15 or @documentencoding UTF-8 (See @documentencoding enc: Set Input Encoding.) The Euro symbol is in ISO 8859-15 (aka Latin 9), and is not in the more widely-used ISO 8859-1 (Latin 1).

The Euro symbol does not exist in the standard TeX fonts (which were designed before the Euro was legislated into existence). Therefore, TeX uses an additional font, named feymr10 (along with other variables). It is freely available, of course; you can download it from, among other places. The distribution includes installation instructions.