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E.5 @exampleindent: Environment Indenting

The Texinfo processors indent each line of @example and similar environments. You can use the @exampleindent command to specify this indentation. Write an @exampleindent command at the beginning of a line followed by either ‘asis’ or a number:

@exampleindent indent

The indentation is according to the value of indent:


Do not change the existing indentation (not implemented in TeX).


Omit all indentation.


Indent environments by n space characters in Info output, by n ems in TeX.

The default value of indent is 5 spaces in Info, and 0.4in in TeX, which is somewhat less. (The reduction is to help TeX fit more characters onto physical lines.)

It is best to write the @exampleindent command before the end-of-header line at the beginning of a Texinfo file, so the region formatting commands indent paragraphs as specified. See Start of Header.