11.9.4 @print{} (-|): Indicating Generated Output

Sometimes an expression will generate output during its execution. You can indicate such displayed output with the @print{} command.

The @print{} command is displayed as ‘-|’, either a horizontal dash butting against a vertical bar or (when that is not available) the ASCII sequence ‘-|’.

In the following example, the printed text is indicated with ‘-|’, and the value of the expression follows on the last line.

(progn (print 'foo) (print 'bar))
    -| foo
    -| bar
    ⇒ bar

In a Texinfo source file, this example is written as follows:

@example lisp
(progn (print 'foo) (print 'bar))
    @print{} foo
    @print{} bar
    @result{} bar
@end example