2.5.3 @settitle: Set the Document Title

A Texinfo file should contain a line that looks like this:

@settitle title

Write the @settitle command at the beginning of a line and follow it on the same line by the title. Do not write anything else on the line. The @settitle command should precede everything that generates actual output. The best place for it is right after the @setfilename command, if present (described in the previous section).

This command gives the title to use in a header or footer for double-sided printed output, in case such headings are output. For more on headings for printed output, see Heading Generation.

In HTML, title serves as the document ‘<title>’ and it becomes the default document description in the ‘<head>’ part.

When the title page is used in the output, as is generally the case for printed output, the title in the @settitle command does not affect the title as it appears on the title page. Thus, the two do not need not to match exactly. A practice we recommend is to include the version or edition number of the manual in the @settitle title; on the title page, the version number generally appears as a @subtitle so it would be omitted from the @title. See @titlepage.