4.4 @unnumbered, @appendix: Chapters with Other Labeling

Use the @unnumbered command to start a chapter-level element that appears without chapter numbers of any kind. Use the @appendix command to start an appendix that is labeled by letter (‘A’, ‘B’, …) instead of by number; appendices are also at the chapter level of structuring.

Write an @appendix or @unnumbered command at the beginning of a line and follow it on the same line by the title, just as with @chapter.

Texinfo also provides a command @centerchap, which is analogous to @unnumbered, but centers its argument in the printed and HTML outputs. This kind of stylistic choice is not usually offered by Texinfo. You are recommended not to use this command, as it may be removed in future releases of Texinfo.

With @unnumbered, if the name of the associated node is one of these English words (case-insensitive):

Acknowledgements  Colophon  Dedication  Preface

then the DocBook output uses corresponding special tags (<preface>, etc.) instead of the default <chapter>. The argument to @unnumbered itself can be anything, and is output as the element title as usual.