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4.3.2 The Special Slot for Translator’s Credits

Most of the translators usually put their name under the translation, in the “footer” area. This is entirely acceptable, since some readers prefer to send buggestions directly to the translator. Also, giving credit where credit is due is a natural thing.

Like the previous slot, you should “translate” it as a space if you don’t want your name to appear there.

Here is an example of the recommended way to specify credits:

<b>Traduction</b>: Benjamin Drieu 
<a href="">&lt;;</a>,
2007, 2008.

It is highly desirable to use this form, but you may omit the email address or add a link to translator’s noncommercial personal home page, provided that the translation team leader ensures that it constantly meets the linking criteria for Please follow the FSF HTML Style Sheet when adding URIs or other information.