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2.6.2 Per-Directory Templates

When GNUN detects a file named pot in some po directory, it writes to it all strings from all articles in that directory (the subdirectories are not affected); it also merges translations of those strings to files named lang.po, for all languages available in that directory. In its turn, files lang.po are used to update translations in articles from that directory.

This helps updating translations in sets of articles like proprietary/ section, where an item may belong to many files at once. The translator can only update lang.po, or any article where the outdated item is listed. Then GNUN will copy the translation to all other places.

Like with article.lang.po, GNUN doesn’t override the up-to-date translations already present in articles, and vice versa, it only adds translations to lang.po when they are absent. Thus, the translators can provide specific translations for a string in every article if needed—for example, for the special GNUN messages (see Special GNUN messages).