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6.2.1 The gnun-add-fuzzy-diff Script

This script adds comments with differences of current msgids against “previous” ones to “fuzzy” translations in a PO file. To produce the differences wdiff is used. (See The word difference finder in GNU wdiff, for more information.) This may be useful to figure out what has changed. In fact, it wraps around a sed script used in GNUN internally.

gnun-add-fuzzy-diff [OPTION...] [FILE]

Edit the file in place.


Display copyright and version information and exit.


Display usage information and exit.

The script is invoked automatically when requested through the FUZZY_DIFF_LINGUAS variable in GNUmakefile (see FUZZY_DIFF_LINGUAS) and through the ADD_FUZZY_DIFF variable in (see ADD_FUZZY_DIFF).