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3.6 Promoting Members as Co-leaders

When the team grows large and it becomes hard for a single person to manage, there is no problem to add another (or even two other) people to help. Note that a subsequently appointed team co-ordinator is not simply a committer with write access to the ‘www’ repository; she has full responsibilities just like a single leader, although the latter still remains the primary contact for the team.

If you’d like another person to act as a co-leader and help you with the management tasks, send a message to with her name and Savannah account. She has to be already an administrator of ‘www-lang’.

The procedure for co-leaders is a simplified version of the one for a new team or taking over an existing team. See How to Form a New Team.

To remove co-ordinators, please write to with details and rationale for the removal. Do not edit README.translations.html yourself; this is a final formality step to be performed by the Translation Managers.