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2.1 Joining a Team

To join a team, please first look at the existing teams in Translations README. Chances are that there is already an established team. If there is no team listed for your language, this means that:

If the team is marked as orphaned (“New coordinator needed”), there is no problem: you can still submit your translation to (see How to Submit a Translation). In case you want to establish a new translation team or become a co-ordinator of an existing one, please refer to the next chapter, see Team Co-ordinators.

Contacting the team is best done via Savannah—each translation team has its own project, named ‘www-lang’, with the project page being ‘’. All teams should have mailing lists, typically in the form www-lang-… Some teams have homepages, ‘’ with additional contact details and procedures for team members.

You could also write directly to the team leader via the Savannah interface—that way your request will be recorded by Savannah and can be tracked or completed when the membership is approved.

The actual process of submitting translations for review varies from team to team, as teams have certain liberties to organize themselves as they see fit. Thus, this manual does not make any attempt to cover that aspect—please refer to the team-specific documentation (if any) or ask the co-ordinator.

Certainly, it is not mandatory to be an active team member to contribute a translation or two. If you feel that you don’t have the time to participate actively, that is fine; you can still send your translation to the team. No contributions should be rejected.

If you do not hear from the team within a reasonable time frame (say, two weeks), please write to

For general information about the translation process, see Translation Process.

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