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4.1 What to Translate

The Web Translation Priorities page lists the most important essays to translate. In general, articles in the directories philosophy, gnu, licenses, education, distros, copyleft, and proprietary are important. The others may be deferred for a time when a team completes most of the important translations, or they can be translated as a “rest”—in translators’ parlance this means doing something in between which is typically easier to handle.

You can find links to automatic reports about current status of translations of all active teams sorted by their priority in GNUN Reports. If the page for your team is missing there, please ask to add it to the cron job.

Do not translate articles under these directories:


These pages are maintained by the respective pkg maintainers. GNUN does not support them for the time being, as they reside in separate repositories. The procedures for contributing translations of such articles are not yet settled.


The Brave GNU World initiative has been abandoned long time ago, and it’s in a separate repository—thus not supported by the automatic GNUN build job.


There is no problem to translate this page, but don’t make the mistake to pick it up as your first translation. It is modified often, sometimes intensively, and only active team members should take that road.


This is “What’s New”, also known as “GNU’s Flashes”, also known as “GNU News”. Historically, it was processed separately, and its support was dropped. It may be added as an ordinary page after GNUN 0.9 release.

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