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2.2.1 How to Submit a Translation in PO Format

All translations1 are maintained via GNUN, which significantly eases maintenance and avoids the unpleasant situation where a translation is lagging behind the original. See Advantages in The GNUnited Nations Manual.

Since September 2008 all new translations at are installed in .po format, and the .html is generated automatically. Here are the steps to produce and submit such a translation:

It is quite possible that there will be errors or typos, so once you are informed that the translation is online, check it carefully and if necessary, resubmit the PO file with corrections. Do not forget to run cvs update first and edit the updated .po file from the repository—most probably the Translation Managers have already made some modifications to it, usually to fix validation errors and to complete the PO file header.



Well—not really, but the goal is to maintain all of them.

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