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4.12.1 Localizing the topbanner Image

If you’d like the nice gnu image to be localized (i.e. “GNU Operating System” to appear in your native language, here are the steps:

  1. Copy graphics/topbanner.svg as graphics/topbanner.lang.svg where lang is the language code, as usual. Edit the file with Inkscape or with a plain text editor such as GNU Emacs, translating “GNU Operating System”. Then with Inkscape, save the file as graphics/topbanner.lang.png (File -> Export Bitmap…). Then open the PNG image with the GIMP and flatten it (Image -> Flatten Image). Don’t forget to save and cvs add the files8.
  2. Create a style.lang.css at the toplevel directory, if it doesn’t exist already. Normally, you would need only one line in it, namely:
    #logo{background:url(/graphics/topbanner.lang.png) no-repeat;}
  3. If not done already for other reasons, update banner.lang.html to include the language specific style.lang.css. See CSS.

If you feel uncomfortable manipulating images—don’t despair! Send a plea for help to, some people would be happy to help you. Failing that, write to



This advice applies to all new files, of course.