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3.2 Invoking vc-chlog


     vc-chlog [option...] [file...]

vc-dwim accepts the following options:

--address address
Use address as email address.
--changelog cfile
For all changes to files below the dirname of cfile, generate an entry for cfile with stripped names. This option may be passed multiple times.
Read unified diff from stdin instead of with vc-dwim.
--tabsize cols
Assume tab stops at each cols instead of 8.
--user-name name
Use name as user name.
--width cols
Wrap ChangeLog entry at cols instead of 72.
Do not try to parse the names of functions or other identifiers that changed.
Assume that the working directory has other changes unrelated to the patch (usually given with --stdin). This will let the file be recreated from the version control index or cache, if any.
Inhibit temp file cleanup.
Display this help and exit.
Output version information and exit.

The environment variables TMPDIR and USER are honored.

The files ~/.vc-chlogrc and .vc-chlogrc may contain default options, possibly with double-quoted arguments, and comment lines starting with ‘#’.