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12.5 zic2xpm

The “zic2xpm” program is used to import chess sets from the ZIICS(*) program into XBoard. “zic2xpm” is part of the XBoard distribution. ZIICS is available from:

To import ZIICS pieces, do this:

1. Unzip ziics131.exe into a directory:
          unzip -L ziics131.exe -d ~/ziics

2. Use zic2xpm to convert a set of pieces to XBoard format.
For example, let's say you want to use the FRITZ4 set. These files are named “fritz4.*” in the ZIICS distribution.
          mkdir ~/fritz4
          cd ~/fritz4
          zic2xpm ~/ziics/fritz4.*

3. Give XBoard the “-pixmap” option when starting up, e.g.:
          xboard -pixmap ~/fritz4

(*) ZIICS is a separate copyrighted work of Andy McFarland. The “ZIICS pieces” are copyrighted works of their respective creators. Files produced by “zic2xpm” are for PERSONAL USE ONLY and may NOT be redistributed without explicit permission from the original creator(s) of the pieces.