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current development version: 1.6.2

  1. About Xlogmaster development versions
  2. The current activities
  3. What's done already in the new release ?
  4. Obtaining betatest versions

About Xlogmaster development versions

This is a page about the running development versions for Xlogmaster. For those of you who aren't sure what that means:

The development versions are work in progress and may very well be unstable and/or unpredictable !!!

I will do my best to make even the development versions as stable as possible, but the whole purpose of this page is to find bugs and problems that I didn't notice before. So once again: There are no guarantees !!!

If you are interested in trying these versions out because you are craving for some special new feature or you just want to help to make Xlogmaster a better program I would strongly recommend to subscribe to the development mailinglist. On the mailinglist I announce new betatest versions, discuss changes, publish bugfixes and so on - so getting subscribed there would be a very good idea if you plan on fooling around with these versions.

The current activities

What's done in the new release ?

Obtaining betatest versions

Right now there are no betatest versions! COMING SOON!
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Updated: 11 Mar 2012