Xlogmaster - Screenshots

all screenshots were taken from version 1.4.0

Since Xlogmaster is GTK+ based, it is very easy to customize it's look. There are four styles in the package right now but nothing should keep you from creating your own - this merely gives an example of how well the look can be changed to fit your desktop best and what you get with the distribution.

  1. "steelblue" Style (default)
  2. "green" Style
  3. "hell" Style
  4. "simpsons" Style

"steelblue" Style (default)

A style in blue - should fit to most desktops

the "about Xlogmaster" box. (175K jpg)

the configuration menu. (242K jpg)

a popped up notice box. (143K jpg)

the main window. (659K jpg)

the main window with two running alerts - one very new and one a little older. (517K jpg)

"green" Style

A style in green - for the veggies among us... ;-)

...sorry, no screenshots available here, maybe later ...

"hell" Style

A style in black & red.

...sorry, no screenshots available here, maybe later ...

"simpsons" Style

A style in bright yellow... more like a joke

...sorry, no screenshots available here, maybe later ...

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