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xshogi provides an X11/Xt/Athena Widgets user interface for GNU Shogi. With xshogi you can play GNU Shogi, set up arbitrary positions, force variations, or watch xshogi manage a game between two shogi programs. Furthermore, it can be used as an interface between two players on different displays.

xshogi can also be used as a shogiboard to play out games. It will read through a game file or allow a player to play through a variation manually (force mode). This is useful for keeping track of email postal games or browsing games off the net.

xshogi can also be used as a X client for the Internet Shogi Server (ISS). The Internet Shogi Server is currently embedded in the Internet Go Server (IGS). xshogi connects to the ISS and displays all positions sent by the ISS graphically. So, games from the observation list are recognized as well as your own matches. In case of your own match, pieces are moved on the graphical display. You can use xshogi in this way even if you don't have GNU Shogi.

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