GNU Spotlight August 2008

Originally published in the Free Software Foundation's Free Software Supporter - Issue 8, September 2008:
GNU Spotlight with Karl Berry

Notable GNU releases for August 2008 include the new package gnuspool, an advanced printer spooling system, comparable to CUPS but with several unique features. It was offered to GNU by its original author and maintainer, John Collins.

Another notable release is the first version of GNU FreeDink, a portable and enhanced version of the Dink Smallwood game engine.

The complete list:

  • ballandpaddle-0.7.1
  • ccrtp-1.6.2
  • commoncpp2-1.6.3
  • ed-1.0
  • freedink-1.08.20080828
  • gcc-4.3.2
  • glpk-4.30
  • gmp-4.2.3
  • gnujump-1.0.5
  • gnuradio-3.1.3
  • gnurobots-1.2.0
  • gnuspool-1.0
  • hyperbole-5.0.3
  • libidn-1.10
  • libsigsegv-2.6
  • libtasn1-1.3
  • moe-1.0
  • nano-2.1.4
  • octave-3.0.2
  • screen-4.0.3
  • sipwitch-0.3.2
  • smalltalk-3.0.4
  • swbis-0.986
  • teseq-1.0.0
  • ucommon-1.9.9
  • which-2.20
  • zile-2.2.61

See the packages' announcements, web pages ( or the distributions themselves for details. Nearly all are available from, or preferably one of its mirrors:

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Please feel free to write to me,, with any GNUish questions or suggestions for future installments.