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Together we have the opportunity to empower the world through the use of free software. The only way to counter proprietary software companies and the billions of dollars they use to strip user rights is through the power of your voice and your generosity. Read more.

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“Happy Birthday to GNU”

Thank you to Stephen Fry for his participation in this film.

Image credits

‘IBM PC’ by Marcin WicharyCC-BY

‘Computer Museum’ by Michael CotéCC-BY

‘New bathroom project’ by Morten SkoglyCC-BY

‘GNU’ by Jochen Stärk — CC-BY

Music — Song for Emma by furny (Lee/Cousens) http://furny.co.uk

Thank GNUs

For their contributions to GNU over the last 25 years, we thank…

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…and of course, Richard Stallman, and the millions of GNU users and contributors.

rsync Army

Ogg Theora enablers

Translation superstars

Production credits

“Happy Birthday To GNU…”

Written by Matt Lee

Executive Producer — Matt Lee

Producer — Andrew Sampson

Copyright © 2008 Free Software Foundation Inc

Production by The Sampsonian Company

Released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 License.


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