GNU Hacker's Meeting January 2020

GNU Hackers Meeting 2020 — Mont Soleil, Switzerland

Group Photo

For the first time, the GHM came to Switzerland. Specifically, we met at the Decentrale on Mont Soleil, near St. Imier.


The event took place from Friday, 10 January to Sunday, 12 January.


Mont Soleil
La Decentrale.
Mont Soleil, Switzerland.
GPS coordinates:
47° 09' 32.6" -6° 59' 26.6"
OSM map:
How to arrive:
The easiest way to reach the venue is to take the train from Biel/Bienne to St. Imier, and then the funiculaire up the mountain to Mont Soleil. You can buy a ticket directly to Mont Soleil from the SBB machines. The nearest airports to Biel are Bern, Zürich, Geneva and Basel.
There is very limited parking at La Decentrale, so if you insist to arrive by car, please let us know beforehand. We might use the opportunity to furnish you with a shopping list.


Friday 10 January

Saturday 11 January

Sunday 12 January


GNU gettext - 1.0 and beyond

Author: Bruno Haible

The programmer's view on how to use GNU gettext 1.0. Work in progress / upcoming features. Slides.