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<title>Jesus Cartoon by Phil Garcia & Don Berry
- GNU Project - Free Software Foundation</title>
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<h2>Jesus Cartoon</h2>

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<address class="byline">by Phil Garcia and Don Berry</address>

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  <a href="/graphics/jesus-cartoon.jpg">
<img href="/graphics/jesus-cartoon.jpg"><img
     alt=" [Bill Gates to Jesus: "I'm sorry, Mr. Christ.  You're only licensed for five loaves of bread and two fish." "
   width="594" height="459" fish."] " /></a>

<p>A cartoon by
      <a href="/graphics/jesus-cartoon-preview.jpg">293kB</a> (594x459),  
      <a href="/graphics/jesus-cartoon.jpg">1.5MB</a> (3300x2550)</li>

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<p>Copyright © 2009 Phil Garcia and Don Berry.</p>

<h3 id="license">Licensing</h3> Berry</p>

<p>Verbatim copying and distribution of this image are premitted permitted without
royalty in any medium provided this notice and the copyright notice are

href="/graphics/jesus-cartoon.jpg">Full-size version, 3300 x 2550

<p><a href="/graphics/graphics.html">Other art</a> in the GNU Art Gallery.</p>

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