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<title>GNU's Webmasters - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation</title>
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<h2>GNU's Webmasters Past and Present</h2>
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These people are, or have been at some stage,
<a href="/people/webmeisters.html">webmasters of www.gnu.org</a>.
If you see something you would like added to, or changed, on this
web site, please contact us at
<a href="mailto:webmasters@gnu.org">
send other questions to
<a href="mailto:gnu@gnu.org"><em>gnu@gnu.org</em></a>).
We are always looking for comments and are open to suggestions.

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          <dd>This place is reserved for your name, if you join our
          team of webmasters. If you'd like to join us as a webmaster,
          <a href="/server/standards/webmaster-quiz.html">please
          complete the webmaster quiz</a>.</dd>

          <dt><strong><a href="http://alexm.org/">Alex
          Muntada</a></strong> <a href=

          <dd>Is the current GNU web translation manager and
          translation teams coordinator.</dd>

          <dt><strong>Alex Patel</strong></dt>

          <dd>Alex was a volunteer GNU webmaster and a 2014 Summer <a 
-campaigns-intern">campaigns intern</a> at the FSF.</dd>

          <dt><strong id="bandali">Amin Bandali</strong>
          <<a href= "mailto:bandali@gnu.org">bandali@gnu.org</a>></dt>
          <dd><a href="https://bandali.eu.org">Amin</a> href="https://kelar.org/~bandali/">Amin</a> is a
          <a href="http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html">free href="/philosophy/free-sw.html">free software</a>
          activist and a volunteer GNU webmaster since early 2016.</dd> 2016 who
          also wears <a href="/people/people.html#bandali">a few other
          hats</a> around GNU.</dd>

          <dt><strong>Andias T. Wira Alam</strong> <a href=
          <dd>Andias is a volunteer GNU webmaster and computer
          science student. He also works at the University as
          GNU/Linux System Administrator.</dd>

          <dt><strong>Avdesh Kr Singh</strong></dt>

          <dd>Avdesh was a GNU webmaster, originally joining the team 
          in September 2014.</dd>

          <dt><strong>Baishampayan Ghose</strong></dt>

          <dd>Baishampayan is a volunteer GNU Webmaster from

	        <dt><strong>Brett Gilio</strong>
            <a href="mailto:brettg@gnu.org"><brettg@gnu.org></a></dt>

          <dd>Brett joined the GNU
            webmastering team in late 2019. In addition to free software
            advocacy, he also champions functional programming, formal
            mathematics in software design, as well as hygienic and ethical
            computing practices..</dd>
          <dt><strong>Cesar J. Alaniz</strong></dt>

          <dd>Cesar is a volunteer GNU webmaster and student.</dd>

          <dt><strong>Christiano Anderson</strong> <a href=

          <dd>Christiano is a GNU Project webmaster and <a
          href="/directory">Free Software Directory</a> maintainer.</dd>

          <dt><strong>Chris M. Simon</strong></dt>

          <dd>Free Software hacker and activist, volunteer GNU webmaster.</dd>

          <dt><a href="http://www.webinject.org/"><strong>Corey

          <dt><strong>Corey Goldberg</strong> <a href=

          <dd>Corey is a GNU Project webmaster and lives in Boston,
          <dt><a href="http://dma.tx0.org">David Allen</a> <a href=

          <dd>David is a GNU webmaster from the United States, 
          he joined the team December 2015.</dd>

<dt>David Thompson</dt>

<dd>David was a Web Developer at the FSF and assisted with Chief
Webmaster tasks.</dd>

          <dt><a href="http://oberon07.com/dee" id="sinuhe">
          <strong>D. E. Evans (aka sinuhe)</strong></a></dt>

          <dd>Sinuhe is described as brusque by rms, so beware. He
          is dedicated to free software and served as Chief
          Webmaster after John Paul.</dd>

	  <dt><strong>Derek Chen-Becker</strong> <a href=

          <dd>Derek was Chief Webmaster before John Sullivan, and is
	  involved in various free software projects.</dd>
          <dt><strong>Dmitri Alenitchev</strong></dt>

          <dd>Dmitri is a GNU webmaster and a free software
          programmer from Russia.</dd>

          <dt><strong>Edward Alfert</strong> <a href=
          "mailto:ealfert_at_rootmode_dot_com%3E"><ealfert at
          rootmode dot com></a></dt>

          <dd>Edward has been using GNU software for over nine
          years. He is giving back to the community by volunteering
          as a GNU Project webmaster and designing GNU graphics.</dd>

          <dt><strong>Exal de Jesus Garcia Carrillo</strong> <a href=

          <dd>Exal is a GNU project webmaster, he tries to convince
          the people around him to use free software and follow the
          GNU philosophy, he also works with the spanish
          translation team.</dd>

          <dt><strong><!-- broken link 2014-07-19 a href="http://francoiacomella.org/" -->Franco
          Iacomella<!-- /a --></strong> <a href=
          "mailto:yaco@gnu.org"><yaco at gnu.org></a></dt>

          <dd>Franco is the argentinian GNU Webmaster, he is also
          envolved in others areas of the project related with
          administration, licences and education.</dd>

          <dt><!-- 2017-04-22 - Commenting out this link out of consideration
          for visitors' ears. ~ Thérèse <a href="http://schmoo.me.uk/">-->
          <strong>Gaz Collins</strong><!--</a>--> <<a href=
          <dd>Gaz is a volunteer GNU webmaster, and GNU/Linux user
          since around 1997.</dd>

         <dt><strong>Hatem Hossny</strong></dt>

         <dd>Was a GNU webmaster and Arabic translation team co-leader.

         <dt><strong><a href="mailto:hellekin@gnu.org">hellekin</a></strong></dt>

         <dd>Was a GNU Webmaster from 2012 - 2020.</dd>

          <dt><strong>Hicham Yamout</strong> <a href=

          <dd>Is a Computer & Communications Engineer, and was a
          GNU webmaster and a member of Arabic translation team.</dd>

          <dt><strong>Hossam Hossny</strong> <a href=
          "mailto:hossam@gnu.org"><hossam at gnu dot

          <dd>Was a webmaster, and the maintainer of the mirrors

          <dt><strong>James Taylor</strong>
	  <a href="mailto:virtualboxjames@gnu.org">

	  <dd>Is a GNU Webmaster and comp sci student.</dd>

          <dt><strong>James Turner</strong> <a href=

          <dd>James is a volunteer GNU webmaster and free software

          Paul Wallington</strong> <a href=

          <dd>Is a webmaster, and was chief webmaster after Brett

          <dt><strong>Joakim Olsson</strong> <a href=

          <dd>Joakim (a.k.a. Jocke) is a Swedish webmaster.</dd>

          <dt><strong><a href="mailto:johns@gnu.org">John

          <dd>Is the Executive Director of the <a
          href="http://www.fsf.org/">FSF</a>, a GNU webmaster and was
          chief webmaster after Derek Chen-Becker until Matt


          <dd>Jonas is a volunteer GNU webmaster, hobbyist
          programmer, GNU/Linux user and computer science

          <dt><strong>Jorge Barrera Grandon</strong> <<a href=
          <dd>Jorge is a chilean GNU Project webmaster and works as
          a GNU/Linux and Windows systems administrator in

          <dt><strong>Justin Pence</strong> <a href=
          <dd>Is a webmaster for the GNU Project.</dd>

          <dt><strong>Leo Jackson</strong></dt>
          <dd>Volunteers on <a href="http://savannah.gnu.org/projects/www/">
          GNU Project WWW</a>, and <a
          Ogg Sites listing.</a></dd>

          <dt><strong><a href="mailto:luiji@users.sourceforge.net">Luiji 

          <dd>Luiji was a volunteer GNU Webmaster and is a hacker of 
          many a program designed to distract him from actually 
          working. He's also massively paranoid.</dd>

          <dt><strong>Lorenzo L. Ancora</strong></dt>
          <dd><a href="https://www.lorenzoancora.info">Lorenzo</a> is a
          full-stack web and desktop developer from Southern Italy. He served as
          <a href="https://directory.fsf.org">Free Software Directory</a>
          administrator and GNU webmaster from 2018/2019 to 2021.</dd>

          <dt><strong>Luis F. Araujo</strong> <a href=

          <dd>Luis is a GNU Project webmaster; he is also a free
          software programmer.</dd>

          <dt><strong>Luis M. Arteaga</strong> <<a href=

          <dd>Formerly administered web pages written in other
          languages apart from English. Also coordinated the
          <a href="/server/standards/README.translations.html">
          translation efforts</a> until he retired in 2003.
          He volunteers since 1999 and lives currently in Germany.
          Occasionally gives speeches about free software.</dd>

          <dt><strong>Mark Par</strong> <a href=

          <dd>Mark is a GNU Project webmaster.</dd>

          <dt><a href="http://www.mhatta.org/"><strong>Masayuki
          Hatta (a.k.a. mhatta)</strong></a> <a href=

          <dd>Was the chief GNU translation coordinator, who
          administers <a
          web translation efforts</a> into other languages apart
          from English, after Luis M. Arteaga. He is one of the GNU
          webmasters, too.</dd>

          <dt><strong>Matt Lee</strong></dt>

          <dd>Was the Chief Webmaster for the <a href="/">GNU Project</a>
          from 2005 to 2008, when he took a role at the <a
          href="http://www.fsf.org/">Free Software Foundation</a>.</dd>

	  <dt><a href="http://robmyers.org/">Rob Myers</a>,

	  <dt>Rhea Myers, GNU Chief Webmaster, 2008-2010</dt>


          <dd>Rhea Myers is an artist and programmer who has been
          involved in free software and free culture for over a
          decade.  All
          his <a href="http://robmyers.org/free_software">software</a>
          and <a href="http://robmyers.org/art">art</a> is copyleft,
          and he held an all-copyleft <a
          solo exhibition</a> in Belgrade in 2005.</dd>

          <dt><strong>Michael Presley</strong> <a href=
          <dd>Michael was recruited for webmaster duty by RMS.</dd>

          <dt><a name="demrit" id="demrit"><strong>Miguel

          <dt><strong id="demrit">Miguel Vázquez
          Gocobachi</strong> <<a href=

          <dd>GNU webmasters working with XHTML validation for
          www.gnu.org. Also he is a member of GNU Spanish
          Translation Team and he is working in his country
          (Mexico) promoting the GNU philosophy.</dd>

          <dt><strong>Miquel Puigpelat</strong></dt>

          <dd>Works on the translation into Catalan of the GNU
          webpages and coordinates the Catalan translation team. He
          also maintains a personal site about <a
          href="http://www.puigpe.org/">free software</a> and related

          <dt><strong>Moises Martinez</strong> <a href=

          <dd>A spanish developer and GNU webmaster.</dd>

          <dt><strong><a href="mailto:navaneeth@gnu.org">Navaneeth</a></strong></dt>

          <dd>GNU Webmaster, developer and GNU Malayalam translator.</dd>

          <dt><strong>Neelakanth Nadgir</strong></dt>
          <dd>worked as a webmaster for www.gnu.org.</dd>

          <dt><strong>Ofer Waldman</strong> (a.k.a the duke)
              <the_duke at intermail.co.il></dt>
          <dd>was a GNU project <a
          translations</a> co-coordinator and backup person with
          Masayuki Hatta.</dd>

          <dt><strong>Pablo Palazon</strong> <a href=

          <dd>He's student in computer science, and GNU

          <dt><strong>Paul Visscher</strong></dt>
          <dd>Bkuhn recruited paulv to be a GNU and FSF Webmaster.
          After six months webmastering, Paul took over the
          position of Chief Webmaster from Jonas  Öberg.</dd>

          <dt><strong>Prashant Srinivasan</strong></dt>
          <dd>Is a webmaster for the <a href="/">GNU</a>
          website, he also does other miscellaneous things around
          the site :-).</dd>

          <dt><strong>Quentin Pradet</strong>
          <a href="mailto:quentin@pradet.me"><quentin@pradet.me></a></dt>

          <dd>Quentin was a GNU webmaster.</dd>

          <dt><strong><a href="http://ramprasadb.blogspot.fr/">Ramprasad

          <dd>He is the GNU Emacs w32 <a
          maintainer recruited by <a
          href="http://www.stallman.org/">RMS</a>, and <a
          href="/people/">GNU Project Webmaster</a>
          from Bangalore, India. You can reach him at
          <ramprasad at gnu period org></dd>

          <dt><strong><a href="http://www.soucy.org/">Ray P.
          Soucy</a></strong> <a href=

          <dd>Ray was a GNU Project webmaster, among other

          <dt><strong>Reed Loden</strong> <a href=

          <dd>Reed is a volunteer <a
          href="/">GNU</a> Webmaster, an <a
          Member</a> of the <a href="http://www.fsf.org/">FSF</a>,
          and a programmer of <a

          <dt><a href="http://www.stallman.org/"><strong>Richard

          <dd>Founded the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation. 
          He also works on the web pages.</dd>

          <dt><strong><a href="https://rmusial.com">Robert href="https://rob.musial.xyz">Robert Musial</a>
          <a href="mailto:rmmm@gnu.org"><rmmm<b>@</b>gnu.org>

          <dd>Rob is a <a href="/">GNU</a> Webmaster, an <a
          Member</a> of the <a href="http://www.fsf.org/">FSF</a> since
          2003, and a programmer of <a
          href="/philosophy/free-sw.html">free software</a>.

          <dt><strong>Sam Marx</strong> <a href=

          <dd>Sam is a GNU Project webmaster.</dd>

	  <dt><strong>Shailesh Ghadge</strong></dt>

          <dd>GNU Webmaster</dd>

          <dt><strong>Steve Hoeg</strong></dt>

          <dd>Steve is a GNU Project webmaster and free software

          <dt><strong>Steven Richards</strong> <a href=
	  <dd>Steven is a GNU Project webmaster and a free software
	  developer from Seattle.</dd>

	   <dt><a href="http://www.sauter-online.de/"><strong>Thorsten
          Sauter</strong></a> <a href=

          <dd>Thorsten is a GNU Project webmaster; he is also a
          Debian GNU/Linux developer.</dd>

          <dt><strong>Vivek Varghese Cherian</strong> <a href=

          <dd>Vivek Varghese Cherian, is a mechanical engineer from
          Cochin, India. He was a GNU project webmaster.</dd>

	  <dt><strong>Wacław Jacek</strong>
          <a href="mailto:wwj@gnu.org"><wwj@gnu.org></a></dt>

	  <dd>Webmastering the GNU since 2010.</dd>
        </dl><!-- END Webmasters -->

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