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GNU Bayonne 1.0 Released; GNU Telephony Server gives software freedom to businesses, large enterprises and commercial telephone carriers

Bayonne, NJ, USA - Tuesday, September 3, 2002 - After two years of active development, the GNU project has released GNU Bayonne, Version 1.0. GNU Bayonne, licensed freely under the GNU General Public License (GPL), allows small businesses, large enterprises, and commercial telephone carriers to create, deploy, and manage their own web-integrated telephony voice response solutions. By making use of existing computer telephony commercially available for GNU/Linux, Bayonne can support all capacities -- from a single analog phone circuit to multiple PRI spans.

As part of GNU Enterprise (GNUe), Bayonne 1.0 joins the ranks of a host of enterprise-level software for the popular GNU/Linux operating system. "In this 1.0 release, we have established a Free Software platform for the delivery of quality telephony services everywhere", said David Sugar, GNU Bayonne project leader. "We are committed to establishing Free Software as the primary means to advance telecommunications services as part of enterprise software infrastructure that respects software freedom, and supports both current and next generation telephone networks".

GNU Bayonne is a free software project and has been developed by volunteers around the world. These volunteers cooperate with other Free Software development groups, including those working on Carrier Grade extensions for the kernel named Linux. Meanwhile, a number of organizations and individuals have contributed resources and time to create GNU Bayonne 1.0. The Free Software Foundation and the GNU project have provided technical, infrastructure, and organizational support for GNU Bayonne development. The Open Source Telecom Corporation has provided commercial sponsorship of GNU Bayonne development.

GNU Bayonne can be obtained in source code form directly from ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/bayonne/. It include in many popular GNU/Linux and FreeBSD distributions, including the Official Debian GNU/Linux system.

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