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Web Translation Priorities

This is a list of web pages from www.gnu.org that have been selected as translation priorities (in no particular order). Before starting to translate, please coordinate with the translation team, if it exists, or with <web-translators@gnu.org> in order to avoid duplication of efforts — sometimes a translation is already made but not yet installed at gnu.org.

These pages are the second level of priority. Once the pages in the list above are done, please translate these next.

The directory /philosophy/sco is of historical interest only, so we recommend giving it lower priority than everything else in gnu.org.

Don't bother translating the pages in /people, except perhaps speakers.html. Experience shows that translations of the other pages in that directory require too much maintenance work, and they don't provide much benefit.

Important languages

We welcome translations of essays into any language, but the following are particularly important:


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