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1 Preface

Welcome to 8sync’s documentation! 8sync is an asynchronous programming environment for GNU Guile. (Get it? 8sync? Async??? Quiet your groans, it’s a great name!)

8sync has some nice properties:

In the future, 8sync will also provide the ability to spawn and communicate with actors on different threads, processes, and machines, with most code running the same as if actors were running in the same execution environment.

But as a caution, 8sync is still very young. The API is stabilizing, but not yet stable, and it is not yet well "battle-tested". Hacker beware! But, consider this as much an opportunity as a warning. 8sync is in a state where there is much room for feedback and contributions. Your help wanted!

And now, into the wild, beautiful frontier. Onward!

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