Download for MS Windows

We do not distribute anymore a package for Windows. You can install AUCTeX on this system by using GNU ELPA. Below are instructions to install old versions of the package.

Depending on your needs you can either get a precompiled version of AUCTeX or the sources for building it yourself. The precompiled versions usually have limited applicability.

Precompiled AUCTeX for Emacs

As an Emacs user you can use the following package for Emacs 24.5: (signature)

In order to use it follow this recipe:

  1. Get Emacs 24.5 for Windows and follow its installation instructions. (This usually means unpacking it at the desired place.) This is the only supported Emacs distribution. Do not try to use the AUCTeX package with another version or distribution of Emacs.
  2. Unpack the precompiled AUCTeX package into the Emacs directory created in the first step. The contents of the ZIP archive are not prefixed, so make sure they align with the Emacs installation. The location of the site-lisp directory might serve as an indication. Of course this requires that the path names in the ZIP archive are used when unpacking.
  3. That's it. Enjoy.

Note that you must use a pristine Emacs installation. Do not use the precompiled AUCTeX package if you already installed other stuff into your Emacs directory because extracting the contents of the package will obviously overwrite files in the Emacs directory, most notably the dir file in the info directory.

Note also that the AUCTeX package does not include the image libraries for Emacs. You still have to cater for those yourself by following the instructions in Emacs' README file.

Precompiled AUCTeX for XEmacs

If you are into XEmacs and want to spare yourself the hassle of building AUCTeX you can use the following ready-made XEmacs package.

auctex-11.89-pkg.tar.gz (signature)

AUCTeX distribution files

You can get the distribution files of the latest AUCTeX release including preview-latex as a zip archive along with a signature file for validation: (signature)

Note: If you want to install AUCTeX into Emacs' directory, make sure the info files are put into the info directory. In order to do that you will have to specify the --infodir option for the configuration script, e.g. like this:

./configure --prefix='C:/Program Files/Emacs' \
  --with-texmf-dir='C:/localtexmf' \
  --infodir='C:/Program Files/Emacs/info'

More information about options of the configuration script can be found in the installation instructions of AUCTeX or by executing configure --help.

AUCTeX's manual and reference card for key bindings can be found in the 11.89-extra directory as PostScript and PDF files.

Software requirements

In order to use AUCTeX the following software is required in addition:

Past releases

Older releases and accompanying files can be found in the download directories or