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5.5.1 Automatic Customization for the Site

Assuming that the automatic customization at the global level was done when AUCTeX was installed, your choice is now: will you use it? If you use it, you will benefit by having access to all the symbols and environments available for completion purposes. The drawback is slower load time when you edit a new file and perhaps too many confusing symbols when you try to do a completion.

You can disable the automatic generated global style hooks by setting the variable TeX-auto-global to nil.

User Option: TeX-macro-global

Directories containing the site’s TeX style files.

User Option: TeX-style-global

Directory containing hand generated TeX information.

These correspond to TeX macros shared by all users of a site.

User Option: TeX-auto-global

Directory containing automatically generated information.

For storing automatic extracted information about the TeX macros shared by all users of a site.

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