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4.5 Controlling the output

A number of commands are available for controlling the output of an application running under AUCTeX

Command: TeX-kill-job

(C-c C-k) Kill currently running external application. This may be either of TeX, LaTeX, previewer, BibTeX, etc.

Command: TeX-recenter-output-buffer

(C-c C-l) Recenter the output buffer so that the bottom line is visible.

Command: TeX-home-buffer

(C-c ^) Go to the ‘master’ file in the document associated with the current buffer, or if already there, to the file where the current process was started.

Additionally, output files produced by AUCTeX can be placed in a separate directory.

User Option: TeX-output-dir

Set this option to the path of a directory where output files will be placed. The output files include those that are produced by applications running under AUCTeX, temporary files related to region processing and the preview-latex files. If a relative path is specified, it is interpreted as being relative to the master file in a mutlifile document.

This is a buffer local variable and must be set separately for all documents and all files in a multifile document. For example,

%%% Local Variables:
%%% mode: latex
%%% TeX-output-dir: "build"
%%% End:

Alternatively, you may use setq-default to set the default value of this option or set it as a directory local variable (see (emacs)Directory Variables section ‘Directory Variables’ in The Emacs Editor).

Note that a non-nil value of TeX-output-dir might be incompatible with some TeX commands and macros. In particular, the LaTeX macro ‘\include’ is known to not work with this option. Some TeX packages which produce intermediary files might also be incompatible. A possible workaround for those packages is to append the value of TeX-output-dir to the environment variables TEXINPUTS and BIBINPUTS.

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