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1.2.8 Customizing

Most of the site-specific customization should already have happened during configuration of AUCTeX. Any further customization can be done with customization buffers directly in Emacs. Just type M-x customize-group <RET> AUCTeX <RET> to open the customization group for AUCTeX or use the menu entries provided in the mode menus. Editing the file ‘tex-site.el’ as suggested in former versions of AUCTeX should not be done anymore because the installation routine will overwrite those changes.

You might check some options with a special significance. They are accessible directly by typing M-x customize-option <RET> <option> <RET>.

User Option: TeX-macro-global

Directories containing the site’s TeX style files.

Normally, AUCTeX will only allow you to complete macros and environments which are built-in, specified in AUCTeX style files or defined by yourself. If you issue the M-x TeX-auto-generate-global command after loading AUCTeX, you will be able to complete on all macros available in the standard style files used by your document. To do this, you must set this variable to a list of directories where the standard style files are located. The directories will be searched recursively, so there is no reason to list subdirectories explicitly. Automatic configuration will already have set the variable for you if it could use the program kpsewhich. In this case you normally don’t have to alter anything.

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