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4.3.1 Controlling warnings to be reported

Normally AUCTeX will only report real errors, but you may as well ask it to report ‘bad boxes’ and warnings as well.

Command: TeX-toggle-debug-bad-boxes

(C-c C-t C-b) Toggle whether AUCTeX should stop at bad boxes (i.e. overfull and underfull boxes) as well as normal errors. The boolean option TeX-debug-bad-boxes is set accordingly.

Command: TeX-toggle-debug-warnings

(C-c C-t C-w) Toggle whether AUCTeX should stop at warnings as well as normal errors. The boolean option TeX-debug-warnings is set accordingly.

While many users desire to have warnings reported after compilation, there are certain warnings that are considered unimportant and users want to ignore them. For a more fine-grained control of what kinds of warnings should be shown after compilation, AUCTeX provides other options.

User Option: TeX-ignore-warnings

Controls which warnings are to be ignored.

It can be a regexp matching the message of the warnings to be ignored.

More advanced users can set also this option to a symbol with the name of a custom function taking as arguments all the information of the warning listed in TeX-error-list variable, except the last one about whether to ignore the warning. See the code of TeX-warning function and the documentation of TeX-error-list for more details.

Command: TeX-toggle-suppress-ignored-warnings

(C-c C-t C-x) Toggle whether AUCTeX should actually hide the ignored warnings specified with TeX-ignore-warnings. The boolean option TeX-suppress-ignored-warnings is set accordingly. If this is nil, all warnings are shown, even those matched by TeX-ignore-warnings, otherwise these are hidden.

Note that TeX-debug-warnings takes the precedence: if it is nil, all warnings are hidden in any case.

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