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5.4 Language Support

TeX and Emacs are usable for European (Latin, Cyrillic, Greek) based languages. Some LaTeX and Emacs Lisp packages are available for easy typesetting and editing documents in European languages.

All Emacs versions supported by current AUCTeX can handle CJK (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) languages by default.

In most cases, special versions of TeX engines are needed for high-quality typesetting of CJK languages: CTeX and ChinaTeX for Chinese, ASCII pTeX, upTeX and NTT jTeX for Japanese, HLaTeX and kTeX for Korean. They are necessary as well when you want to typeset documents saved in their domestic encodings such as ‘Shift-JIS’. Currently, AUCTeX offers native support for pTeX, upTeX and jTeX only.

If you don’t need fine tuning in the result with respect to the typesetting rules of their respective national standards, most unicode based TeX engines, e.g. LuaTeX and XeTeX, can handle CJK languages by default if they are encoded in UTF-8. The CJK-LaTeX package is provided for supporting CJK scripts in a standard LaTeX document.

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