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2.5 Entering Mathematics

TeX is written by a mathematician, and has always contained good support for formatting mathematical text. AUCTeX supports this tradition, by offering a special minor mode for entering text with many mathematical symbols. You can enter this mode by typing C-c ~.

Command: LaTeX-math-mode

(C-c ~) Toggle LaTeX Math mode. This is a minor mode rebinding the key LaTeX-math-abbrev-prefix to allow easy typing of mathematical symbols. ` will read a character from the keyboard, and insert the symbol as specified in LaTeX-math-default and LaTeX-math-list. If given a prefix argument, the symbol will be surrounded by dollar signs.

You can use another prefix key (instead of `) by setting the variable LaTeX-math-abbrev-prefix.

To enable LaTeX Math mode by default, add the following in your init file such as ‘init.el’ or ‘.emacs’:

(add-hook 'LaTeX-mode-hook #'LaTeX-math-mode)
User Option: LaTeX-math-abbrev-prefix

A string containing the prefix of LaTeX-math-mode commands; This value defaults to `.

The string has to be a key or key sequence in a format understood by the kbd macro. This corresponds to the syntax usually used in the manuals for Emacs Lisp.

The variable LaTeX-math-list allows you to add your own mappings.

User Option: LaTeX-math-list

A list containing user-defined keys and commands to be used in LaTeX Math mode. Each entry should be a list of two to four elements.

First, the key to be used after LaTeX-math-abbrev-prefix for macro insertion. The key can be a character (e.g. ‘?o’) for a single stroke or a string (e.g. ‘"o a"’) for a multi-stroke binding. If it is nil, the symbol has no associated keystroke (it is available in the menu, though).

Second, a string representing the name of the macro (without a leading backslash.)

Third, a string representing the name of a submenu the command should be added to. Use a list of strings in case of nested menus.

Fourth, the position of a Unicode character to be displayed in the menu alongside the macro name. This is an integer value.

User Option: LaTeX-math-menu-unicode

Whether the LaTeX Math menu should try using Unicode for effect. Your Emacs built must be able to display include Unicode characters in menus for this feature.

AUCTeX’s reference card ‘tex-ref.tex’ includes a list of all math mode commands.

AUCTeX can help you write subscripts and superscripts in math constructs by automatically inserting a pair of braces after typing <_> or <^> respectively and putting point between the braces. In order to enable this feature, set the variable TeX-electric-sub-and-superscript to a non-nil value.

User Option: TeX-electric-sub-and-superscript

If non-nil, insert braces after typing <^> and <_> in math mode.

You can automatically turn off input methods, used to input non-ascii characters, when you begin to enter math constructs.

User Option: TeX-math-input-method-off-regexp

Input method matching this regular expression is turned off when $ is typed to begin math mode or a math environment is inserted by C-c C-e (LaTeX-environment).

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