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3.4 Narrowing

Sometimes you want to focus your attention to a limited region of the code. You can do that by restricting the text addressable by editing commands and hiding the rest of the buffer with the narrowing functions, see (emacs)Narrowing section ‘Narrowing’ in GNU Emacs Manual. In addition, AUCTeX provides a couple of other commands to narrow the buffer to a group, i.e. a region enclosed in a pair of curly braces, and to LaTeX environments.

Command: TeX-narrow-to-group

(C-x n g) Make text outside current group invisible.

Command: LaTeX-narrow-to-environment count

(C-x n e) Make text outside current environment invisible. With optional argument count keep visible that number of enclosing environmens.

Like other standard narrowing functions, the above commands are disabled. Attempting to use them asks for confirmation and gives you the option of enabling them; if you enable the commands, confirmation will no longer be required for them.

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