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Given a space-separated list of INCLUDE-FILEs, AX_AUTO_INCLUDE_HEADERS will output a conditional #include for each INCLUDE-FILE. The following example demonstrates how AX_AUTO_INCLUDE_HEADERS’s might be used in a script:

    AX_AUTO_INCLUDE_HEADERS([sys/resource.h invent.h sys/sysinfo.h])dnl

The preceding invocation instructs autoheader to put the following code at the bottom of the config.h file:

  # include <sys/resource.h>
  #ifdef HAVE_INVENT_H
  # include <invent.h>
  # include <sys/sysinfo.h>

Note that AX_AUTO_INCLUDE_HEADERS merely outputs #ifdef/#include/#endif blocks. The script still needs to invoke AC_CHECK_HEADERS to #define the various HAVE_*_H preprocessor macros.

Here’s an easy way to get from config.h a complete list of header files who existence is tested by the configure script:

   cat config.h | perl -ane '/ HAVE_\S+_H / && do {$_=$F[$#F-1]; s/^HAVE_//; s/_H/.h/; s|_|/|g; tr/A-Z/a-z/; print "$_ "}'

You can then manually edit the resulting list and incorporate it into one or more calls to AX_AUTO_INCLUDE_HEADERS.

Source Code

Download the latest version of ax_auto_include_headers.m4 or browse the macro’s revision history.


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