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Check for the gd library. (See If gd is found, the output variables GD_CFLAGS, GD_LDFLAGS and GD_LIBS will contain the compiler flags, linker flags and libraries necessary to use gd; otherwise, those variables will be empty. In addition, the symbol HAVE_GD is defined if the library is found, and the symbols HAVE_GD_GIF, HAVE_GD_JPEG and HAVE_GD_PNG are defined if the library supports creating images in gif, jpeg and png formats, respectively.

The user may use –with-gd=no or –without-gd to skip checking for the library. (The default is –with-gd=yes.) If the library is installed in an unusual location, –with-gd=DIR will cause the macro to look for gdlib-config in DIR/bin or, failing that, for the headers and libraries in DIR/include and DIR/lib.

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