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Set up the compiler flags to link a given fortran 90 library LIBRARY is the name of the library. LIB-REGEXP is a regular expression (used by find) matched by the filename of the library, this is useful either if the library filename does not follow the traditional libxxx.a or pattern, or if some specific information is embedded into the name, like compiler used, debugging status ...). FUNCTION-BODY is the body of a function (including the ’use’ statements and the call to a function defined by the library) SEARCH-PATH is a colon-separated list of directories that will be used as the base directories for ’find’ to look for the library file. If empty, the search path will be composed of $prefix/lib, $ac_default_prefix/lib, and $LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Two output variables named F90_LDFLAGS_xxx and F90_LIBS_xxx will be set up with the proper flag for substitution in Makefiles (xxx is built from the first argument, with autoconf traditional escapes).

Source Code

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