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   AX_GNU_AUTOTEST([testdir = `tests'], [testsuites = `testsuite'],
                [atlocal-sources = `'], [gen-package = `yes'],
                [force = `no'])


Sets up one or multiple GNU Autotest test suites [1].


  * Write tests/ as normal
  * Add to or in top_srcdir:
  * autoreconf && ./configure && make check

GNU Autotest is a very powerful testing framework to script executing binaries, observing their output and logging failures, all in the same portable manner as configure itself. But the only help given the developer in setting up the framework is the AC_CONFIG_TESTDIR() command, which leaves several additional steps up to the developer copying examples from the manual:

   * generating the "package.m4" file used in generating the "testsuite"
  * generating the "testsuite" executable by calling autom4te
  * adding Makefile rules to keep both "package.m4" and "testsuite"
  * figuring out how to do all the above if the Makefile does not reside
    in the testdir

This command takes care of all of the above. It is designed to be called multiple times for different testdir directories, to have multiple testsuites scripts per directory and to handle the optional "package.m4" and "atlocal" (re)generation.

The various actions taken by this command happen in different phases of the build process:

   1) During the autoconf execution, generate the testsuites and any
     "package.m4" files. So these are already available before configure
     ran. The reasoning for deviating from the examples in [1] is that
     these files are distributed and must be placed in the srcdir: it
     seems cleaner to not generate anything in srcdir during any of the
     later phases.
  2) During the config.status execution (following the configure
     execution), generate "atconfig" and any "atlocal" files in the
     buildir. The "atconfig" generation is handled by calling
     AC_CONFIG_TESTDIR() so the developer does not have to do so
  3) During the execution of make, several additional rules and file
     lists are made available via AC_SUBST(). The rules are intended
     to be called where appropriate (e.g. make check can depend on
     check-autotest) and the file lists are intended to be added
     to the appropriate lists (i.e. to DISTCLEANFILES and EXTRA_DIST).

Description of AX_GNU_AUTOTEST() arguments:

   * testdir: directory-name containing the testsuites. AX_GNU_AUTOTEST()
    must be called exactly once for each directory containing testsuites.
    If empty, defaults to "tests".
  * testsuites: space-separated list of words, where each word is the
    name of a test suite script optionally followed by a colon and the
    name of the scripts source file. If the source file is not given,
    it defaults to the script name suffixed by ".at". So these words
    are all equivalent: "foo", "foo:" and "". If the argument
    is empty, it defaults to "testsuite". The script filenames must not
    contain any path, but that is allowed for the source filenames.
  * atlocal-sources: space- or colon-separated list of filenames, which
    are registered with AC_CONFIG_FILES() as the sources of atlocal.
    If empty, no atlocal file is generated.
  * gen-package: boolean ("yes" or "no") indicating whether "package.m4"
    should be generated. If empty, defaults to "yes".
  * force: boolean ("yes" or "no") whether to treat errors in arguments
    as errors and abort (for "no") or whether to ignore any such errors
    (for "yes"). If empty, defaults to "no".

All filenames above must be relative. The testdir name is interpreted relative to top_srcdir. All other names are interpreted relative to the testdir. The boolean values are interpreted as "yes" for any non-empty value except "0", "n", "no" and their mixed-case variants.

Description of / substitutions:

   * AX_GNU_AUTOTEST_RULES: the make rules provided here. Substitute this
    in a separate line.
  * AX_GNU_AUTOTEST_DCLEAN: the list of files to be added to
  * AX_GNU_AUTOTEST_DIST: the list of files to be added to EXTRA_DIST.
  * AX_GNU_AUTOTEST_DEFAULT: includes all other substitutions and uses
    them in a "default" way.

All must be used as a substitution (@...@) instead of as a variable ($(...) or ${...}). These substitutions are generated multiple times, once for each directory where an affected Makefile may be located. All substitutions start with the base as given above but may have suffixes for the directories. Assuming this example in


Then the following substitutions are available (where <base> stands for one of the above prefixes):

   * <base>         : for use in top_srcdir/Makefile
  * <base>_foo     : for use in top_srcdir/foo/Makefile
  * <base>_foo_bar : for use in top_srcdir/foo/bar/Makefile
  * <base>_baz     : for use in top_srcdir/baz/Makefile

The <base> substitutions cover both foo/bar and baz, so none of the other substitutions should be used. Indeed, no Makefiles are needed in the other directories. But if sub-directory Makefiles are used, then both <base>_baz and either of <base>_foo or <base>_foo_bar must be used in their respective Makefiles.

Description of Makefile targets defined by AX_GNU_AUTOTEST_RULES*:

  * check-autotest: The equivalent of check.
  * installcheck-autotest: The equivalent of installcheck.
  * clean-autotest: The equivalent of clean.

The developer can either define the above targets as dependencies of their appropriate equivalent rule or of their *-local equivalent rule for automake or they can define a rule with a sub-make call as they wish.

All rules are dependent on like-named rules for each sub-directory and for each testsuite. Only the testsuite rules actually do any work, the rest are just collectors and convenience names. Assuming this example in

  AX_GNU_AUTOTEST([foo], [testsuite bar])

Then AX_GNU_AUTOTEST_RULES defines these check rules (likewise for installcheck and clean):

  check-autotest: check-autotest-foo check-autotest-baz
  check-autotest-foo: check-autotest-foo-testsuite check-autotest-foo-bar
  check-autotest-baz: check-autotest-baz-testsuite
  check-autotest-foo-testsuite  # Executes foo/testsuite -C foo
  check-autotest-foo-bar        # Executes foo/bar -C foo
  check-autotest-baz-testsuite  # Executes baz/testsuite -C baz

And AX_GNU_AUTOTEST_RULES_baz defines these check rules:

  check-autotest: check-autotest-testsuite
  check-autotest-testsuite  # Executes testsuite (which is baz/testsuite)

Note how the rule names only contain the directory and testsuite paths relative to the Makefile location. Also note how each testsuite is executed in its respective testdir.

In addition to the above, AX_GNU_AUTOTEST_RULES* also contains the rules to keep the testsuites, "package.m4" and "atconfig" updated. The matching rules to keep "atlocal" updated are generated by automake if that is used or are the responsibility of the developer.

All testsuite executions (except for clean) use variables AX_GNU_AUTOTEST_FLAGS, AX_GNU_AUTOTEST_CHECK_FLAGS, AX_GNU_AUTOTEST_INSTALLCHECK_FLAGS and more path-and-script-specific variants for additional command line options. These variables can be defined by the developer to pass options to the testsuite. In the example above, the rule check-autotest-foo-bar would look like this:

      foo/bar -C foo $(AX_GNU_AUTOTEST_FLAGS)               \
                     $(AX_GNU_AUTOTEST_CHECK_FLAGS)         \
                     $(AX_GNU_AUTOTEST_FLAGS_foo)           \
                     $(AX_GNU_AUTOTEST_CHECK_FLAGS_foo)     \
                     $(AX_GNU_AUTOTEST_FLAGS_foo_bar)       \

Description of Makefile file lists:

These lists are intended to be added to DISTCLEANFILES and EXTRA_DIST. The *_DCLEAN list contains all "atconfig" files and the *_DIST list contains all testsuites and "package.m4" files. The lists are again generated per directory: so AX_GNU_AUTOTEST_DCLEAN contains all "atconfig" files while e.g. AX_GNU_AUTOTEST_DIST_foo contains only files below the "foo" directory. These file lists are prevented from becoming Makefile variables by calling AM_SUBST_NOTMAKE(): that way, only the single version used by the Makefile is substituted, not all lists for all other paths as well. So use either like this:


Or like this:


Description of shorthand default Makefile contents defined by AX_GNU_AUTOTEST_DEFAULT*:

This shorthand defines the appropriate rules, adds the file lists to the proper variables and makes the new targets dependencies of the standard "check", "installcheck" and "clean" targets. AX_GNU_AUTOTEST_DEFAULT is for example equivalent to:

  check: check-autotest
  installcheck: installcheck-autotest
  clean: clean-autotest
  distclean: distclean-autotest
  distclean-autotest: clean-autotest
  .PHONY: distclean-autotest

Note that this is copied verbatim into the Makefile (after expansion of the contained @...@ substitutions): it does not shadow the default targets as would happen if the same lines were written in a file. And also note the use of the += operator: this will not be compatible with all versions of Make. Finally, the DISTCLEANFILES list is not used because automake only uses that list if it saw the variable in the file: in a substitution, it gets ignored unless the user already used the list.

Alternative standard GNU test suites not supported here:

   * Automake test suites configured by the TESTS variable [2]
  * DejaGnu test suites [3,4]

[1]: <>

[2]: <>

[3]: <>

[4]: <>

Source Code

Download the latest version of ax_gnu_autotest.m4 or browse the macro’s revision history.


Copyright © 2015 Olaf Mandel

Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification, are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright notice and this notice are preserved. This file is offered as-is, without any warranty.

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