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Determine whether the code is being configured as a release, or from git. Set the ax_is_release variable to ’yes’ or ’no’.

If building a release version, it is recommended that the configure script disable compiler errors and debug features, by conditionalising them on the ax_is_release variable. If building from git, these features should be enabled.

The POLICY parameter specifies how ax_is_release is determined. It can take the following values:

 * git-directory:  ax_is_release will be 'no' if a '.git'
                   directory or git worktree exists
 * minor-version:  ax_is_release will be 'no' if the minor version number
                   in $PACKAGE_VERSION is odd; this assumes
                   $PACKAGE_VERSION follows the 'major.minor.micro' scheme
 * micro-version:  ax_is_release will be 'no' if the micro version number
                   in $PACKAGE_VERSION is odd; this assumes
                   $PACKAGE_VERSION follows the 'major.minor.micro' scheme
 * dash-version:   ax_is_release will be 'no' if there is a dash '-'
                   in $PACKAGE_VERSION, for example 1.2-pre3, 1.2.42-a8b9
                   or 2.0-dirty (in particular this is suitable for use
                   with git-version-gen)
 * always:         ax_is_release will always be 'yes'
 * never:          ax_is_release will always be 'no'

Other policies may be added in future.

Source Code

Download the latest version of ax_is_release.m4 or browse the macro’s revision history.


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