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Searches for the library file of the open62541 library [1].

The open62541 library is a cmake-based project, that supplies both a shared and a static library (with different names). The AX_OPEN62541_CHECK_LIB macro can search for both and adds the first one found to the LIBS Makefile variable. The search can be in either order (shared first or static first), which is selectable on macro invocation with the STATIC-FIRST parameter. The user can change this default by invoking configure with either the –with-open62541-shared or –with-open62541-static option (the named one is checked first).

Either shared or static library can be excluded from checking completely with the options –without-open62541-shared and –without-open62541-static.

If the with_open62541 shell variable is set to "no" (e.g. from running the AX_OPEN62541_PATH macro and the user giving configure the option "–without-open62541"), then expands ACTION-IF-NOT-FOUND without any checks. The same is true if both –without-open62541-shared and –without-open62541-static are given.

[1]: <>

Source Code

Download the latest version of ax_open62541_check_lib.m4 or browse the macro’s revision history.


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